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mayo 5, 2020

Alert in the USA USA: to the covid-19 wasp is added that can kill people

The United States is the country most affected in the world by the new coronavirus. Until this May 4, it registered more than 1.1 million people infected with the virus and more than 68,000 deaths.

Added to the health crisis is the tension regarding its management: differences between state and national authorities, criticism of President Donald Trump and attacks by the president himself on foreign governments, such as China, and international entities, such as the World Health Organization (WHO).


And the picture can get even more difficult for the giant of North America: all at the expense of the ‘killer hornets’ , insects that can measure up to 5 centimeters and that can affect humans.

What is it about?

Vespa mandarinia (scientific name) or Asian giant hornets were discovered in the state of Washington, the tenth most affected in the country by the coronavirus (more than 7,900 infected and more than 343 deceased).

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According to the ‘ BBC ‘, these hornets were first seen in the USA. USA in December 2019, after the denunciations of beekeepers who found their bees of honey beheaded.

«These hornets literally decapitate mellifers, which are very important insects for American agriculture,» said the British chain.
Some scientific reports stated that these insects reactivated their presence in April, which is when hibernation ends and the queens build their nests.

As they are?

They are orange-yellow on their heads, with black eyes and a black and yellow striped abdomen. Their size makes them the largest hornets in the world.

They come from the east and south-east of Asia and feed on plant and fruit sap, and the melliferous that they kill feed them to their young.

Upon arrival in the US USA there is no clarity, although Washington State University (WSU) believes that they were transported in «cargoes of international trade or deliberately by some people.»

How dangerous are they?

Although the greatest risks can be suffered by melliferous and agriculture, they are also lethal to humans.

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In Japan, for example, they kill more than 50 people a year, according to the journal ‘Clinical Toxicology’; while the WSU pointed out that they are a danger to «people’s health».

«His bites are large and painful, with a powerful neurotoxic. Multiple bites can kill humans, even if they are not allergic, «said experts from the educational institution.

For now, Washington state authorities are on the hunt for these insects and are preparing to prevent their spread.

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